BEG: Bangor Waterworks, prior to 2006-'07 Renovations
Hazard Level: 9Main Tunnel Clearance: 2-6'?Tidal Coverage: YesKnown # of Tunnels: Many
Hazards: Head Injury; Falling; Rotten Floors; Tidal; Encounters; Slippery Surfaces; Obstacles
Construction Materials: Brick, Cement, Wood, Granite, Steel/Iron
Built in 1875, the old Waterworks Building once provided the city of Bangor with electricity. It was abandoned for several decades, up until 2006 when it was purchased and renovations began to turn it into low income apartments. Despite the many dangers withen, the Waterworks was for many years one of Bangor's most popular place for urban exploration. All information on these pages is about the abandoned waterworks building, not the newly renovated one.

The complex consists of five building sections and a "courtyard", four of the buildings are connected together into one large building. Each building has a main floor and basement, some have tunnels and sub-basements. One of the buildings has a second floor and an attic. As mentioned before, there are many dangers in this building... being caught for trespassing, falling through rotten floors or into deep pits, falling from high ledges, rooms that fill with water as the tide comes in, suprise encounters with other urban explores, farrel animals, or hostile bums and hobos... just to name a few. The place is also rumored to be haunted, and after some of the stuff that's happened to our agents in there... we believe it.

Steven King filmed parts of his movie, "Graveyard Shift" in the basements and tunnels under the Waterworks building. In the last few years there have been several rumors about the future of the Waterworks building. At one time it was going to be turned into an oceanarium. Then it was sold and bought by someone else who was going to turn it into a restaurant. Most recently, we have heard that it might be demolished. It does seem that something will be happening in the next few years... people have been working on cleaning the place up and boarding over the places where unwanted guests seem to be getting in.

Aerial Photo
The Meaty Bits...

Outside & Courtyard
Main Floor
Second Floor
The Attic
Basements & Tunnels
Dam & Slipway

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