BEG: Bangor Waterworks Building
~2nd Floor~
The second floor of the Waterworks building can be found by going up the stairs in the Main Entrance room on the main floor. The second floor only covers the area above that room and looks like it was once office space. There are two large, three smaller rooms, a bathroom, and a couple hallways. The walls plasterboard walls that once separated the rooms and hallways has been knocked apart leaving an erie framework of wood and smashed plasterboard.

Arriving at the top of the stairs that lead to the second floor, we stand in a hallway that goes to the right of the stairs. On the left side of the hallway, about five feet down, there is a side passage that goes into an old bathroom. A couple feet past that branch, the hallway ends with a door on the left and right side of the hall.

To the left is a room with a large hole in the floor and windows that use to look out over a section of the Main Entrance room on the first floor, but the windows are now covered by transluscent plastic. Near the middle of the room there is a large hole in the floor.

There is not much in the room to the right of the hallway except a trapdoor in the ceiling that leads up into the attic. The trapdoor is next to a wall so it is a fairly easy climb up. There are also three small side rooms off this room.

The first few times we explored the second floor (back in 1994) we found some interesting stuff... the most memorable was a bag full of letters to Santa Claus... all from the 1950's. There are several piles of junk in most of the rooms, some interesting stuff might still be found with a little digging.

Thats about it for the second floor...

Photo looking into one of the small rooms. There's a pile of desks, cabinets, and other junk. Outside & Courtyard
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Photo of the first hallway on the second floor.