BEG: Bangor Waterworks Building
~Main Floor~
We begin our tour of the main floors of the Waterworks building with the long narrow building that has lots of broken windows. We will move through the complex in a roughly clockwise direction, exploring all the rooms of the main floor, and end this section of the tour by an exit in the large rectangular building.

We enter the long narrow building through the door at the end pointing to the north-east. This is a long and narrow building with many broken windows. The southern side looks out to the river and the northern side looks out over the lower courtyard, both are about a twenty foot drop from the windows. The building has one long room with another door at the opposite end. A row of large machines and deep pits run down the length of the room. At the bottom of the pits are passages leading from the courtyard to the river, they are bared on courtyard side. The pits fill with water as the tide comes in. The floor in here is covered with pigeon guano, bird carcassses, and bits of broken glass. Proceeding through the room, we come to the door at the other end. This door leads out to the top of the cement wall/walkway described in the "Outside & Courtyard" section. We follow the walkway (and remember to watchout for the pit) to where it comes to an open window in the south-east corner of the building thats built out over the river.

Entering this building, we come into the huge room (called the "Swing Room") that takes up the whole inside of the building thats built out over the water. As we enter the Swing Room we are standing on what seems to be a cement platform shaped sort of like the letter "L". The platform rises about five feet from the floor below. The ceiling of the room reaches all the way to the roof of the building, about 40'-50' high. Almost Directly in front of us as we stand and look around is some sort of machine that looks like a giant metal igloo. There is an opening in one side and a ladder that leads down into a basement type room. Also on the cement platform, several feet from the "igloo" is some type of metal framework with a few electrical parts left on it. A catwalk leads around the east wall of the room to some stairs that lead down to normal floor level... but we'll just climb down from the platform. The rest of the floor in this room is wood, and fairly sturdy except in a couple areas near the base of the cement platform. There is a square hole in one part of the cement platform, This leads into a small square room with a floor about twenty feet below. At low tide the floor rotten wooden floor can be seen, at high tide it is deep underwater. A narrow ledge leads around the top of the room where the opening in the cement platform is. The Swing Room gets its name from a length of rope hanging from a ceiling beam near the center of the room (balls to the person that tied that up there), tied to the end of the rope is a chunk of metal bar, making a swing (June 2000). The other end of the room has three exits and a "T" shaped set of stairs. The stairs to the right connect to the catwalk, The stairs to the left go to the entrance to the next room. The other two exits are one that goes to the outside, and one that leads into some of the basements and tunnels. The one to the outside through a missing panel in a garage door, it leads out to the rotten dock. The entrance into the basements and tunnels is through a sqaure hole with a large pipe, its under the right side of the stairs. So, going up the stairs and into the next room.

This room is called the Machine Room, or sometimes... the Gear Room. This room is another high ceilinged room... the most prominent features in this room is a large steam powered machince of some sort. It consists of two parts, the Gear Sausage, and the Octipus Machine. In the north-east corner of this room is a closet and some stairs leading down into other rooms of the main floor. Slightly to the left of the door is a window that leads out to the outdoor passage by the smokestack (it was boarded up on our last expedition). There are also two entrances to the basement in this room. One is right beside the wall with the smokestack on the other side, it is a long and narrow hole in the floor with a short passage that leads into a basement. The other is a bit harder to find. It is a trap door in the floor near the south end of the Gear Sausage. Lets take a walk down the stairs and into the next room on the main floor.

The stairs descend about seven steps and we are in the Main Entrance room. On the far north wall are the double doors that from the outside, looked like the main entrance to the building. At the bottom of the stairs leading down from the Machine Room is an old bathroom (with a small trapdoor leading into the tunnels) and a locker room. There is a small room directly connected to this room, but there is not much of interest there except for a window that leads out to part of the upper courtyard. There use to be a large hole leading down into a basement/tunnel area. It was in the floor in the north-west corner of the room and has been boarded over for a while. There is also a large hole in a rotten section of the ceiling near the middle of the Main Entrance room, it looks up into the second floor. There are three other exits leaving this room... one is some stairs leading up to a second floor, and there are doors on the east and west walls of the room. First we'll check out the room to the west...

The room is a large garage, with three big garage doors on its western wall. Not much else to see in this room so we'll head back out, through the Main Entrance room and into the room to it's east.

This is the Cement Ring room. It gets its name from a large cement ring set into part of the floor. The hole in the middle of the ring goes down into a room 20' below. That room is one of the few places we have not yet explored. Also in the Cement Ring room is a large furnace/oven sort of thing, a trapdoor in the ceiling about 20' to 30' above. There is also a short set of stairs leading up to the large rectangular building that's near the tracks... so that is where we will go next.

Inside the large rectangular building is one huge room, with the western end sort of devided into several smaller rooms. We call this whole area the Safe Room, named for a big metal safe that lives near the middle of the southern wall. There is a loft-like area above a small room situated on the southern wall. Flatened out someplace near the middle of the room is the long-dead remains of some sort of animal. On the western wall, near the north-east corner, is a plywood door that leads outside... it is padlocked from the outside. Near the middle of the northern wall is a set of stairs leading down into the Main Basement, and two pits that also lead down into the Main Basement. Several windows on the southern wall lead outside to the ledge that runs along the edge of the building and to the upper courtyard areas... thus concludes the tour of the rooms which make up the Main Floor.

Photo of the hole in the ceiling of this room, and in the floor of the second floor. This hole continues to become larger over the years.
Photo of some holes in the floor of the Main Entrance Room. These holes lead down into some narrow corridors of one of the basements. There are other holes like these opening up all the time through out the building. It's getting so you really have to be careful of where you step or you might end up going through a floor.
Photo of the locker room located off the bathroom in the Main Entrance Room. The junk on the floor was once the nest of some homeless person.
Photo of a dead racoon. We first found this a few years ago and at that time, it looked as though it had been killed fairly recently. In fact, it looked as though it had been turned insideout and there were bloody smears leading to it from several rooms away. This time we found it in another room, mostly skelital with some fur, and what looks like a piece of clothing wrapped around part of it. We also found the tattered remains of other clothing nearby.
Photo of the cement ring in the Cement Ring Room. This room is also full of rotten floors and holes that lead down to a basement area far below.
Photo looking down into the cement ring. It's further down that it looks in the picture. The icy looking stuff is ice because this picture was taken in the winter. It looks as though there is another area below the cement ring in the area we are looking down into. This basement room we are looking into fills about half full of water at high tide.
Photo of the large safe for which the name "The Safe Room" was given to the room where we found this safe.
Photo taken from the cement platform in the Swing Room. The stairs and a hole leading into a basement can be seen on the far wall. Outside & Courtyard
~Main Floor~
Second Floor
The Attic
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Photo of the end of the room with the platform and Igloo Machine.
Photo of the Octipus Machine and Gear Sausage in the Machine Room.
Roughly drawn MAP
Long Building / Gate House Building
Photo looking down the length of the building.
Photo looking into one of the larger open pits in the floor of this building. This is one of those places that people who warn you about places being dangerous would warn you about when they say that the old waterworks building is a dangerous place to go. Its not just hitting bottom that you need to worry about if you are about to slip and fall into there; you have to worry about hitting things along your way down, and metal pipes and splintered boards will tend to hurt a lot more than help to slow your fall.