BEG: Bangor Waterworks Building
~The Attic~
The Attic of the Waterworks Building consists of three rooms. One of the rooms is above the second floor rooms, another one of the rooms is above the Cement Ring room (on the 1st floor), and the other attic room is above the side room in the Main Entrance room (on the 1st floor).

A trapdoor on the second floor leads up to the attic. Climbing up through the trapdoor we arrive in a squarish room. There are no floor boards up here, just beams that hold up the ceiling of the floor below. The areas between the beams contains a thick layer of pigeon guano... there are also several dead pigeon carcasses scattered about. Some are skeletal, some mumified with dried skin stretched over thin bones, others are fresh and smelling a bit ripe. We recomend that the beams be used for walking on when ever possible... the wood between them is likely to be quite thin and rotten. There are two small passage ways leading into the other rooms of the attic.

One of the passages leads to an area above the small side room thats connected to the Main Entrance room on the first floor. This part of the attic has a lot of small metal pipes that a person has to move under or over to bet into it. The thing that makes this room worth checking out is the trough. It's a wooden trough or gutter, about one foot wide and three inches deep, and runs the length of the room. It's purpose is a mystery to us.

The other passage from the first room of the attic leads into a room above the Cement Ring room. There is a seven or eight foot drop to the floor of this attic room but climbing down a nearby pipe will make things easier. There are not many beams to walk on in here but there are several thick metal pipes that run along the rotten floor. There is not much in here except for an open trapdoor that looks down into the Cement Ring room. It is a 20-25 foot drop to the floor of the room below.

Photo taken in the main room of the attic. The small square opening in the distance leads to one of the other attic rooms. Outside & Courtyard
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~The Attic~
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