BEG: Observation Tower, Peaks Island
Hazard Level: 8Main Room Clearance: 8'Access: Public
Hazards: tight passages, disabling injury due to falling unsafe distance
Construction Materials: Concrete, Metal
Photo: larger view of the small picture above Photo: The front door was sealed up quite well
Photo: we use the rear entrance. Photo: the first three floors look like this
Photo: floors above this are only accessible through trapdoors like this. Photo: Looking up the trapdoors to the three levels of observation decks.
Photo: all the observation decks are the same. Each has a window like this. Photo: ...and each one has a small pedastal that once held an instrument stand
Photo: also, from the window of each observation deck, is a view of the surroundong area. From here, we spotted the other large observation tower. This one owned by Island Cable TV.
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