BEG: Battery Steel, Peaks Island
Hazard Level: 2Main Room Clearance: 10'-15'Access: Public
Hazards: Falling or tripping, minor obstacles
Construction Materials: Concrete, Metal
Photo: the main entrance, goes into rear bunker section. Photo: walking through passageways in rear bunker area.
Photo: Entering one of the rooms in the bunker area. Photo: random doorway.

Photo: airduct, looks like it wants to snort someone. sschluuuchggt Photo: another airduct, this one was torn open by rampant xenomorphs?

Photo: Hanging roots cover the ceiling in many rooms.

Photo: stairs up to the Loooong corridor.

Photo: Perspective of how long the corridor is. thats only 1/2 of it.

Photo: Nearing one end of the corridor, and perspective of how tall it is.

Photo: salamander found in subroom, about 8" long.

Photo: Inside one of the two 16" gun ports.

Photo: outside of one of the 16" gun ports.

Photo: rear entrance to one of the 16" gun ports.

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