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    There is still new information posted on this site from time to time, but we will not likely be updating the site with new photographic content without removing old content. As a free site hosted by Tripod, we are given 20mb of storage space, and we have pretty much filled it. We are out of space for that kind of stuff. There may be alternative hosts for photos, but we are reluctant to investigate the options, as we have for several years been enjoying a state of semi-retirement from Urban Exploration... it was a good run, we had close to 15 years of very active exploration with spotless criminal records related to UE and no serious injuries. We hope that our website will inspire others to ethical practices in UE and welcome any stories or updates related to places on this website, or information on other places in central Maine. Happy exploring, and remember that you could be one of the lucky 23 to find your very own BEG t-shirt!