BEG: The Old Farmhouse
Hazard Level: 4Main Tunnel Clearance: N/A?Tidal Coverage: NoKnown # of Tunnels: 0
Hazards: Head Injury; Falling; Rotten Floors; Encounters; Obstacles
Construction Materials: Mostly wood, some brick and concrete around the foundation
This old farmhouse sits overlooking the Penobscot River, on a parcel of land right next to the Bangor Waterworks Building. For 25 years or more, this house has been boarded up and left to rot. The house has remained sealed up pretty well over the years, but we do sometimes find that the large sheet of plywood has come off from the rear entrance so we go in and see how the place is doing.

This is a great example of a typical spooky old abandoned house, complete with peeling wallpaper, smashed out and boarded up 1st floor windows, creeky rotten stairs and floors, desintegrating plasterboard, and walls revieling their inner anatomies. The front and side doors are boarded up, but as mentioned above, there is a backdoor that is sometimes open. Most windows on the second floor are open. The stairs that are supposed to lead down into the basement are laying on the floor of the basement but having explored down there before we took photography equipment into the building, we'll tell ya that we have never found much of interest down there.

Being a typical old house, the first floor consists of a hallway from the front door to the back of the house; a couple living room type areas in the front of the house; a bathroom; the kitchen near the back of the house has a door to the side of the building and a door to the basement; and a small storage area/back porch with a door to the back of the building. The second floor has a three rooms that would be good for bedrooms, a bathroom, and stairs to the attic. The attic is fairly empty and looks like many attics we have seen in houses that are not abandoned.

Photo: 1st floor, one of the front rooms.

Photo: Looking down into the basement.

Photo: Looking up the stairs from the 1st floor.

Photo: From the landing on the stairs, looking down into the 1st floor front room.

Photo: From the 2nd floor, looking down the stairs to the landing.

Photo: From the top of the stairs, looking left down the hall and into a room.

Photo: Looking down a shaft that once held a brick chimney.

Photo: A very dark picture taken in the attic.

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