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BEG: Stillwater Trailerpark
Hazard Level: 2Main Tunnel Clearance:N/ATidal Coverage: NoKnown # of Tunnels: 0
Hazards: Encounters
Construction Materials: wood, pavement, trees & landscape
This trailerpark was abandoned in the early 1990's when it was rumored that a highway off-ramp was going to be built through the area. Most people moved their trailers away, but a few are left sitting in their lots in various states of disrepair, as are several metal sheds, and a couple small buildings. Most of what's left is empty trailer lots on long empty roads. There are many trees and hedges which make the area feel like a park of sorts. The trailer park is divided by stillwater ave. into two sections. The half that is next to the off-ramp is smaller and less interesting than the other side. There are no trailers and only one small boarded up building in this section next to the main road. Until about a year ago there was another small building near the middle of that half, but it was buldozed into the ground while they were building the new off-ramp. The other side is the part with the abandoned trailers, sheds, and a building. There are also several piles of rubbish and other wooden junk that may have once been part of a trailer's porch.

The building has only one floor and a basement level. The ground floor is split up into three sections, with each section having it's own door on it's own side of the building. One door leads into what looks like it could have been an office area, another goes into an area with two small rooms and signs that say something about garbage, and the other door is boarded up and we have not yet tried to get past it. We suspect that it might be possible to bypass this door by climbing into an area above the ceiling tiles in one of the other rooms and dropping down into the room behind the boarded up door. Walls sometimes stop where they meet the ceiling tiles and there is often an area above that. We have used this method to get past locked doors several times in the past. A trapdoor on the side of the building goes down to the basement but we yet to explore down there as well.

There are three abandoned trailers in the trailer park which we hope to explore soon. The sheds, mostly those metal prefabricated sheds, are in various states of disrepair. Most no longer have functional doors, and the roofs of some of them are collapsing.

The entry roads into the trailerpark have been blocked off by piles of brush, downed trees, and stone boulders. The entire area seems to be lacking in "No Trespassing" signs and one building near the Stillwater Ave seems to still be inhabited, purhaps by whoever owns the land. In the past, we have seen several nests of homeless people; but on our most recent visit we found nothing of the sort, not even in any of the buildings or sheds. Though we did see one man dressed in ragged clothing (who was not with us)walking through the area. We did not bother him and he did not bother us.

In 2005 one side of the old trailer park was turned into exactly what Bangor has been needing - another strip-mall shopping plaza full of retail-chain-stores... we have Old Navy, LL Bean, Office Depot, AC Moore, and loads of other places full of mediocre stuff made in far-off countries, with employees who don't really know a whole lot about anything they sell. During Fall of 2007 work has begun to turn what was once a nicely overgrown park-like area... into a gigantic mud pit where various sorts of large, yellow, claw-appendage wielding mechanical monsters toil in the earth day after day... what is their purpose? We're hoping it stays a mud-pit. Bangor doesn't really have any good in-town mudpits, and one thats close to the mall and I-95 would be handy.

Photo of a road.

Photo of former trailer lot.

Photo of a road.

Photo of a road.

Photo of a shed.

Photo of some rubbish.

Photo of more rubbish.

Photo of a big shed.

Photo of another shed.

Photo of the building.

Photo of building's office.

Photo of abandoned trailer.

Photo of another trailer.

Photo of small building.


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