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BEG: Oldtown Tower, Landfill & Shooting Range
Hazard Level: 4Main Tunnel Clearance: N/A?Tidal Coverage: NoKnown # of Tunnels: 0
Hazards: Head Injury; Falling; Rotten Floors; Encounters
Construction Materials: Cement block & wood
This site, situated on the banks of Stillwater Stream in Oldtown, has several areas of interest. A long dirt road leads in along Stillwater Stream from the main road, with the stream on the right of the dirt road and a small wooded hill along the left. At the top of the hill, the woods open up to the grassy hill that is the old landfill. The road continues along the stream and comes out at the back of the field where the landfill is situated. Near the treeline on the edge of the field is a small three story tower-like building built of cinder blocks.

The tower is three stories tall. The doorways and windows are open; without doors, glass, boards, or any means to prevent entrance. The wooden stairways and floors inside the tower are a little creaky but safe enough to walk on. The third floor has a ladder which goes up through a trapdoor in the roof, and a small hole in the wall that leads into a loft above part of the second floor. The roof is safe to walk on and has hand rails around the edges. The backside of the tower has a small shed sort of building attached, and there is another cinder block shed-like building nearby.

Following the dirt road past the tower and along the base of the landfill for a short ways, we find ourselves at some type of shooting range. The shooting range seems to still be used on occassion, as in one trash barrel we found a newspaper dated to about two months prior to our visit to the site. There is also a small building here, which seems to be used as an office and storage space for the shooting range. We found it unlocked, with just a wooden latch to hold the door shut. There was nothing of much interest inside the place, no arms or ammo left behind. Just a few paper targets, chairs, a desk, some tables, empty file cabinets/lockers, and a poster about Glock handguns.

Photo: Picture of the tower.

Photo: Another one of the tower, slightly different angle.

Photo: 1st floor, stairs up.

Photo: 2nd floor, stairs up, graffito scrawlings, window details.

Photo: 2nd floor, better view of the stairs up, more tasteless graffiti.

Photo: 3rd floor, hole in wall to loft, ladder to roof.

Photo: Detail of roof, trapdoor, handrail, sloped lower roof.

Photo: Looking into the attached shed.

Photo: Other shed-like structure w/out roof.

Photo: Shooting range building.

Photo: Inside of shooting range building.

Photo: Glock poster.

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