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The Official, currently unavailable, Website of the Unofficial
-Bangor Explorer's Guild-

Due to an increased amount of media attention we have moved to our secret underground lair, deep withen the earths lower crust. All of our Urban Exploration activities have stopped and we strongly recomend that you think twice before going into city or private property. If you do feel the need to find out what is inside someplace, contact the property owner or proper city officials for a free(?) tour. If you wish to contact us:

answers to a few questions recieved by email: yes, the site will be back someday. we want to let the media attention cool down and give city officials time to deal with the problems they caused by giving us free advertising. Few people would guess that this website had been online (and just about as unseen as the places it reveals) for almost three years before the press caught on to it. but yes, the site will be back in an undisclosed amount of time. We have also considered transfering it to CD.

we may be interested in interviews, with a few conditions to consider. we tape them. we edit them. you (meaning anyone other than us) do not edit them.

no, we are not likely to be interested in meeting with you for any reason.

no, for security purposes, we do not currently reply to email.

The telescope was downtown in the alley between Main st. and Columbia st, in one of the doors on the side that the parkinglot is not on. it was in a small room inside one of the doors that are in the alley. it looked through a small hole in the wall into another section of the same building. It looked as though a homeless person had been living there in the room with the telescope. This was at least five years ago. very strange, but true.

yes, a number of years ago we noticed the trap door on the underside of that bridge. it was partly welded shut at the time. we have not been inside. many interstate and other large bridges will have rooms inside them, but I do not know of any others in the Bangor area. take a look at some bridges in larger cities. there is a lot of space between the road surface and the bottom of the bridge. they are often hollow, with tradoors on the underside, or entrance through a manhole on road.

"only take away photographs, leave nothing but footprints"
have fun, be safe.