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Bangor Urban Exploration Society

Investigations of the Para-Abnormal
(as well as the normal, paranormal, & abnormal)

5/23/05 - we hope to be able to update this page with more info soon. Email us if we forget.

We have taken a lot of photos in a lot of old buildings and other downright creepy and strange places. We beleive that this topic deserves more attention than we can currently give, and for now only have the time to post a few pictures with things that at first were difficult to explain. It is not our intention with this page to denounce the existance of ghosts, spirits, sprites, faeries, gnomes, hobgoblins, or any other supernatural or paranormal phenomenon - but to look at what we see with an open mind, take into account as many variables as possible which could create what we perceive to be paranormal, and look at things from a somewhat scientific viewpoint - though sometimes we don't know what we've got and can only explain it as something somewhat outside of what is normal.

First we shall present a few images captured with a digital camera (an old epson photo PC) and a breif discripton - and a bit further down on the page we will provide our very mundane explanation of what is in the image. All images are unmodified from the original, unless otherwise noted.

Example #1 - Several glowing Faerie/sprite-like creatures are visable flying, one directly in front of the camera. These were not visable when the photo was taken.

Example #2 - This photo was taken to show the cement ring-like lip around a hole in the floor of the Bangor Waterworks Building. Note the volumetric fog or mist flowing out of (or into?) the middle of the ring. Again, not seen when the photo was taken - random unexpected floating mist would have freaked us out for sure. HERE is a slightly brightened version of the same image used elseware on the BUES website.

Example #3 - A photo we took in the basement of the Bangor Waterworks Building. More mist again, this time obscuring many details of the photo - almost as though something was trying to get us to stop taking pictures... and again, not noticed until we saw the photo, and is there a face in there (near the top-left part of the mist, 3/4 profile looking to the right, with a large hooked/beaked nose)?

Example #4 - Our intent with this one was to take a picture of the holes in the floor and general sort of rubbish & decay. We got that, and a sort of misty vapor trail that seems to be flowing from the top of the image and down to the left... again, no recollection of mists or vapor trails and a rather shocking photo to view when not expecting such things.

Example #5a - This is a photo taken in the basement. It was supposed to be of a rotton and partially broken up floor, with a large hole in the floor to the left. What we got was a very dark image (even with a flash which should have been enough) and an even darker at the area of the hole (about 3-4 feet down to a rock and dirt sub-floor) in the floor - as though all the light was being absorbed and disapated by that hole.

Example #5b - We thought the camera strap or a finger may have gotten in the way, which had never been a problem for us before, but out of curiosity we decided to manipulate the image a bit (histogram equalization - don't know exactly what it does, but it's our quick and dirty Paint Shop Pro tool for undarkening extremely dark images). Looking very closely at this brighter image we found a number of areas with the distinct shapes of human skulls from a variety of angles - mostly around the outskirts of the dark area.

Example #6 - Another photo we wanted to take of a hole in a floor, though this time its actually a hole in the ceiling of the room we are in (the same room as Example #4). Again, unexpected fog... and again - a face on the end of the protrusion of mist near the center. This time we feel it looks rather like Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream".

Example #7 - This would have been a lovely picture of some old wooden stairs, of not for this damn creepy pink mist that showed up as uninvited as we did.

Thats it for tonight kids, the second half of this page should be along shortly... for now you'll just have to ponder the mysteries of this or something else, or ponder the mysteries of something not mysterious at all, or go to whatever random toy store is nearest by and try to cause every single noise making-squeeking-grunting-singing-belching-chirping toy they have go off for as long as possible until they need to do whatever they can to remove you from the store in a meek effort to save their sanity and the minds of actual customers... now, in the time it took to type that, and this, we could have explained most of the anomallies in those photo examples - but thats just not the way we roll, ya know.

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