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BUSS: Abandoned Buildings & Ruins
In the woods near the corner of Spring Street and Bennoch Road in Old Town there is an old square smokestack and some ruins.
Photo of the smokestack as seen from Spring Street.
Photo of the inside of the smokestack, looking up.

In Passadumkeag there are ruins of a burnt out stone building. Its near a dirt road that goes along the river for a ways... also near a Chrismass tree farm.

We heard talk of some kind of extensive underground structure in UMO's University Forest. We asked around about what it was and heard many strange things... we were told that it use to be a womans prison, built underground.. we heard that it was once an insane asylum.. we heard that it was where the University kept it's dinosaurs.. and we heard that it was a bomb shelter. The later explanation seems to be the most likely. We got a few tips on where it and found it pretty easy. The road leading to the place is on Stillwater Ave in Old Town, right across from Dunkin Doughnuts. The above ground parts are built into the side and on top of a small hill. There is a sort of "U" shaped cement structure built into the side of the hill. One part of the cement structure has a recessed area that is roughly the size of a garage door, but cemented over. On top of the hill there are two small square cement structures. At first the look like small sheds but taking a walk around them, one relizes that they have no doors... only bared windows which are secured in a very secure manner. Looking into the windows of one "building" we could see that there was a shaft going down into the ground and there were metal step-irons on one wall. The other "building" was divided into four shafts that went down. Both buildings have cement walls and roofs. At the bottom of the hill there are two manhole covers and a metal trapdoor. We pulled up one cover only to find that the shaft was filled with dirt, rubble, and an animal bone. The other manhole cover was welded shut with several one to two inch long beads. The trapdoor was also welded shut with three beads. There are also two orange-red radio antenae in the woods close by.

Update: It has been confirmed that this was a civil defense/EOC bunker.. after the Cuban Missle Crisis was done and over with, the bunker was turned into a transfer station for a women's correctional/mental health facility (the garage door size opening was cut out at that time). The bunker has been more of less sealed up and abandoned since the early 1980's. There are however, signs that non-BUESS explorers and vandels have been into the "building" that has step irons. Signs include grafiti on the inside of the building, and, the different methods used to seal windows of identical make, and the metal grill that once covered one window lays in the woods nearby. We have concluded that these buildings are the tops of ventilation shafts, and the one with step irons inside also has some sort of escape hatch near the bottom. We also have a copy of the floorplans, but at this time we can only speculate on what some of the rooms might be.
Photo of the cement structure built in the side of a small hill.
Photo of the two small "buildings" that are on top of the hill.

It's far from anything urban, but... there is an abandoned lookout tower and a few other small buildings on top of Bald Mountain in Dedham.

The Orono Waterworks building is at the end of Stillwater Streem, on the right side where it spills out into the Penobscot River. We have only seen one building but there might be more on the other side of the river. There is a large dam which looks like it't only function now is to hold back water. The dam has several sections of very large metal pipe on the right bank of the downstream side. There are cement blocks that use to support the pipes as they continued along the side of the river. A short ways down from that, there is a railroad bridge and sections of pipe still exist around that. After the bridge and between the building is a long area which the pipes use to pass through but now it is scattered with wood... as though someone opened a box if giant-sized tooth picks and tossed them covered the ground with them. The building is rather odd looking, much different than the one in Bangor. It is placed on the slope of the riverbank so that from the road it looks like one or two floors, but from the back it looks like it could be four or five floors. Three large metal pipes come in from the dam, and there is an arched wooden bridge that leads to the main entrance. The building is built mostly of brick, but near the front there are several steeply sloped cement walls. The three tunnels that go into the front of the building seem to exit into the river on the other side. Almost the entire area except for the back and side of the building, and the back of the dam, is surrounded by chainlink fence.
Photo of the front of the dam and the cement suports for the metal pipes.
Photo of the giant toothpick field, standing on a section of pipe on the downstream side of the railroad bridge and looking towards the building.
Photo of the building from the front. Does not look like much from this angle. Photo is a little dark.
Photo of the building from behind.

Just down the Penobscot a short ways from the Orono Waterworks, on Ayers Island, there is another building, this one looks like a factory or a mill of some sort. The building is on an island and there is a narrow bridge leading out to it. There is a "No Trespassing" sort of sign on the bridge. Although we have never seen this building close up, we know from looking at arial photos, and from flying over it and seeing for ourselves, that this building is HUGE. Three or even four Bangor Waterworks buildings could easily fit inside the area this building covers. We do not know much about this building... we've heard that an old man lives on the island or in the building and looks after the place. We have also heard that the State Police stores impounded vehicles in part of the building.
Arial Photograph of the building, part of the island, the bridge to the island, and a bit of the mainland.

One day in the summer of 2000, one of our agents was canoeing down Stillwater Streem in Old Town... We'll let him tell you what he found...

"I was canoeing on Stillwater Stream when I came to a bridge, so I decided to go up the the road to see if I could figure out where I was. I remember seeing a dirt road on the other side of the road and there was a chainlink gate with a no trespassing sign on it. Didn't think much of it... so anyways, I got back in the canoe and started heading down stream again. A little ways downstream and on the left, I saw a some kind of square tower so I decided to go have a look around. The square cinder block tower was on the edge of a large field, next to the tree. Nearby there was another small shed made from cinder blocks, it had no roof. I looked around outside a little, the tower was at the bottom of a slight hill in the field so I could not see what was on the other side. The floor of the tower was wood, there was a small window that looked out into a shed on the back of the tower. There were also some wooden stairs going up. I went up. The second floor had another stairway going up and it might have had a couple windows. There was some grafiti on the walls, something about Freddy followed by some \\\\ slash marks and stupid stuff like that. The third floor was smaller and had a peaked wooden roof over part of it, and there was a trapdoor and ladder that went up to the flat roof of the tower. I think there was also a window or two. I climbed up and looked out over the roof. From up there, I could see a tractor haying part of the field beyond the hill, and a pipes coming out of the ground, shaped like upsidedown J's. I looked around for a couple seconds more then left."

We've found out that the field and hill that he saw from the tower was the Old Town Land Fill. We have scouted the area out but have not went in. The tower cannot be seen from the road but it is there.

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