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BEG: Orono Waterworks Building
Hazard Level: 6Main Tunnel Clearance:?Tidal Coverage: NoKnown # of Tunnels: ?
Hazards: Encounters; Obstacles; ?
Construction Materials: Brick, Concrete, Wood, Iron/metals
The Orono Waterworks building is at the end of Stillwater Streem, on the right side where it spills out into the Penobscot River. Up Stillwater Stream a short ways there is a large dam which looks like it't only function now is to hold back water. The dam has several sections of very large metal pipe on the right bank of the downstream side. There are cement blocks that use to support the pipes as they continued along the side of the river. A short ways down from that, there is a railroad bridge and sections of pipe still exist around that. After the bridge and between the building is a long area which the pipes use to pass through but now it is scattered with wood... as though someone opened a box if giant-sized tooth picks and tossed them covered the ground with them. The building is rather odd looking, much different than the one in Bangor. It is placed on the slope of the riverbank so that from the road it looks like one or two floors, but from the back it looks like it could be four or five floors. Three large metal pipes come in from the dam, and there is an arched wooden bridge that leads to the main entrance. The building is built mostly of brick, but near the front there are several steeply sloped cement walls. The three tunnels that go into the front of the building seem to exit into the river on the other side. Almost the entire area except for the back and side of the building, and the back of the dam, is surrounded by chainlink fence.
Photo of the front of the dam and the cement suports for the metal pipes.
Photo of the giant toothpick field, standing on a section of pipe on the downstream side of the railroad bridge and looking towards the building.
Photo of the building from the front. Does not look like much from this angle. Photo is a little dark.
Photo of the building from behind.
Photo looking into the chambers where the three large pipes pass into the building.
Photo of a hole in one wall of the building, couple couches and a bunch of trash down there.

Arial Photo of the area
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