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Paranormal Investigation Society of Bangor: Bestiary
~An Encyclopdia of the Strange and Mythical Beasts of Bangor, Maine~
The Scat Monster
The elusive Scat Monster is said to prey on those foolish enough to enter the Waterworks building. It is suspected to look like a great black panther with burning yellow eyes. Its origins are shrouded in mystery... one popular theory is that it is the spirit of a large cat that was found mumified deep inside a remote area of the main basement. Another slightly less plausable theory is that the beast escaped from Jackson Labratory and caught a ride up to Bangor by clinging to the underside of a tour bus. Those who doubt it's existance need only look at the large amounts of scat in some areas of the higher up and harder to get into areas of the Waterworks building. A foul odor or fresh scat are signs that the Scat Monster might be lurking nearby, ready to spring upon unsuspecting prey.

Cemetery Gnomes
Cemetery Gnomes are often be found in or around cemeteries between the hours of midnight and dawn. Not much is known about them. They appear in one's peripheral vision as smallish, fast moving shadowy figures and dissipate when anyone tries to look directly at them. A strange spooky sort of feeling often accompanies sightings of these mysterious entities.

Garden Gnomes
These are nothing like the Cemetery Gnomes. Garden Gnomes appear as small statues of jolly looking folk in pointy caps. They are most often found around people's homes doing doing lawn and garden work. Don't let their jolly smiles fool you though. They are drugged on catnip and enslaved by their masters into doing such things as clearing the lawn of mushrooms, gathering acorns and pinecones, banging on wallnuts with mallets, and sticking flowers in their beards. It might seem like a good life for a gnome, but in truth, they are enslaved to do their master's bidding. The Garden Gnomes, and their small statue-like friends: garden bunny, garden squirrel, garden jesus, the garden apostles, garden frog, garden turtle, and garden deer; would all be much happier in the wild woods where they belong. We fully support the Lawn Ornament Liberation Administration (LOLA) in it's efforts to set free all captive lawn and garden folk.

Kobolds are mischevious entities who live in manmade underground places... sewers and storm drains are their favorite. They are can often be heard talking and laughing just a short ways down a tunnel. Kobolds may also be responsible for sudden changes in water and air flow that are not followed by a flash flood. Kobolds were introduced to Boston, Mass in 1893 by a German engineer named Christoph Stolli. He thought they would help keep the sewers clean and discourage people from entering but they soon lost interest and ran amuck, spreading to other cities and infesting sewers all through the new world. Some urban explores believe that kobolds can be bannished from a particular branch of a drain if a lawn/garden gnome is placed in the end of the branch.

Frank the Hobo
Frank the Hobo is a mysterious homeless man who is often seen wandering the streets of downtown Bangor and sleeping in alleys. Frank the Hobo shows himself in several incarnations. The most common one is a tall dirty man wearing a grey winter coat and carrying several plastic bags. Others include a smallish african-american man wearing a dark blue jumpsuit, and a man with a big white beard who pushes around a shopping cart full of junk. It is rumored that if you learn to say "Frank the Hobo" backwards (as though it was recorded and played backwards, not just spelled backwards), and say it five times while standing near the statue next to the public library, that Frank the Hobo will appear behind you and hit you over the head with his dirty boot... then he'll steal your gold and run away.

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