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Bangor Explorer's Guild: Mission Statement
we have a mission?

This is the website of the Bangor Explorer's Guild (BEG); and it's subgroup, the Bangor Urban Speleology Society(BUSS). We are not part of any larger formal exploring group, we're just a bunch of people who enjoy the adventure and chance to explore the places that most people never get to see around or below them. There is no real difference between BUSS and BEG, except that one explores stuff found below ground, and the other sticks to stuff that is mostly above ground.

We have put this website online to inform those who might be interested of another world which lies mostly unseen, taken for granted, and forgotten about... It is often times a place just a few feet away when we walk our city streets... it is a place of darkness, strange noises, and quite solitude. A nice place (if you happen to be a rat or slime-mold), full of unpleasant smells, fouled water, and deadly gases. A dangerous place where you had best not go into because you might never come back out. We are talking about storm drains, sewage overflow tunnels, abandoned buildings, rural abandonments, and other such dandy places and things.

So why would anyone want to know about this stuff? We're not sure... but we can make up some reasons... or you could just take a gander around the site and learn a little about this strange hobby of ours.

BEG and BUSS are in truth, fictional groups fabricated by one "member" of a loosely knit group of urban explorers opperating in the central Maine area, based in Bangor. The ideals and views put forth on this website are in line with the ideals and views of those who would consider themselves to be part of BEG or BUSS. The Bangor Explorers Guild and the Bangor Urban Speleology Society, as mentioned before, do not exist in any formal sense other than on this website and in the minds of some of it's members and agents.

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