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Bangor Urban Exploration Society: Links
~AKA get me outa this hole~

Our Favorite Urban Exploration Links, in no particular order...

Minneapolis Drain Archive Expedition Archive of a group of urban explorers in Minneapolis who search for a cavern rumored to exist under their city...
...about going places you are not suppost to go. Interesting stuff.
Australia's largest UE group. Scads of usefull information on draining.
The Bunker Boyz Another Australian site... and again, more good stuff.
Illicit Ohio
We laughed at their story about going into the run off tunnel and falling in...
Corrosion: Industrial Archeology entertaining site with some useful information and a few good UE stories.
...this site almost makes Urban Exploration look respectable.
Local Interest,
Zoomable Birds Eye View of Bangor, 1875

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