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Bangor Explorer's Guild: FAQ
~Frequently Asked Questions~

How can I join BEG or whatever it is you call yourselves?
The answer could only be NO. You can not join a group that does not exist. It's just plain silly to think that you can. But if you follow our mission statement, and stay true to our rules of UE Etiquette, then we might let you play with us.. if we like you.

Now really, how can we contact you?
Now really, it's all right there on the contact page. The part about the spam block is very important. If that part of the instructions is unclear to you, think of it this way: It says to remove the SPAMBLOCK from Now, if it said to only remove the SPAM from that address, you would be left with Now do the same thing and remove the BLOCK from What does that leave? We're not going to give away our secret that easily!
Did you get the email I sent you? why don't you respond to them?
Asking two questions at once? That's cheating! We'll let it slide this time though. If we did not get your email, we do not know that we did not get it. If we did get your email, then we know we got it and the answer to the first part of this question is yes. Answer to Part 2 of your question: we do not respond because Wally, the one person in charge of our email account, is a paranoid weirdo who thinks the cops are trying to trick us into meeting with their agents who will be posing as other urban explorers, and that they have the mystical power to track the IP address that is attached to emails. If you can somehow prove to him that you are a safe contact...
I know of or have explored a building that might be of interest to you. Can I send you information, pictures, and maps and have them posted on your website?
If it is in the central Maine area, we are very intersted in hearing about it. Yes, please do send us anything you think might be of interest to us, and if we like it, we'll very likely use it on this website. Please try to keep files under 100kb.

What are the answers to the secret test on "PAGE 14"?
1. Harry Houdini
2. Swing Music
3. Pretzels
4. 8 months
5. Testy Culbert
6. It protrudes.
7. No vocal cords
8. The kaiser
9. Hydrolic Valves
10. 6 Inches in diameter.
11. Hold down the ALT key while pushing the BACK-ARROW

Who is that strange dark skinned man with the crazy hair who always
seems to be engaging himself in the most interesting of conversations?

That sounds like the crazy guy who talks to himself until someone gets near, at which point he asks for 79 cents or a bottle of wine. Don't give him either. PISOB suspects he could be a minion of Frank the Hobo and their agents are searching for any connections.

Does it smell down there?
Thankyou. No, not too badly... we try to wash "down there" often.. practice good hygene and all.. why do you want to know about "down there" anyways?

Is this FAQ real? Why don't you make a real UE FAQ?
Indeed, we ask ourselves these questions all the time

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