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BEG: UE Etiquette & Considerations
~Urban Exploration Etiquette According to BEG~

There are certain things to do and not to do during Urban Exploration.

This part of our website is here to put forth and promote what the Bangor Urban Speology Society believes are good and wholesome ideals for etiquette while being in a place the constibulary says the general public should not enter. We hope that if you even think about doing some urban exploration, that you will take this information into consideration.

Number one: DON'T BE STUPID. The less dumb things you do while in a place where you are not supposed to be, the less chance you'll have of being caught, and better chance you will have of making it back out alive and fully funtional. Exploring the places detailed on this website can be extremely dangerous. They are full of rotten floor boards and tunnels slick with algea. You could fall through a floor and land 10' below in a room flooded with cold, dark water... or you could fall onto machinery or rubble on the floor below and have a three foot long metal shaft puncture your kidney, and unable to support your weight, it might bend or twist as it passes through you, making it impossible for your friends to simply climb down and remove you as you scream in pain. One slip in a concrete (or brick, PVC, or any other drain pipe material) stormdrain pipe could crash your skull into the feces-stained wall, cracking it open and filling your brain with sewage water as your limp corpse slides down the slime-slickened tunnel, pushed onward by the depening pool of stanky water and blood that is building up behind it. Be carefull. These are not safe places to play in. for some slightly less dreadful things...

Out of sight,
out of mind...

Thats the way storm drains and other such unseen places are in most people heads. So, if someone wants to go into such a place, then it should be done without anyone knowing. This also applies to leaving. Going in during the day, normal street cloths will attract less attention... it also makes it easier to say you were just saw the ol' place, a window was open(or whatever), and you thought you'd have a look around. At night... Black contrasts too much with surroundings... look around at night, there is not much that is really black. Dark greens, blues, and greys are much better for sneaking at night. White tends to be best for winter. once you're inside, color of clothing will not matter so much.. it's getting in and out where one worries about being seen the most; and not much will arouse more suspicion than spotting a band of ninjas trying to sneak up a fire escape.

If it's nightime, avoid use of bright lights. At night, streaks of light comming from holes in a building's walls, through windows, or up through manhole covers, can easily be seen by anyone who is outside and happens to glance in that direction.

DO NOT go into places of the types mentioned on this website while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or with other people who are under such influences... the last thing any of us want to do is to have to haul your pickled ass out of some drain or abandoned building.

Leave no traces that you and your group was ever in the place being explored. This means no tagging, no breaking things, no littering, etc. when you leave, it should look about the same as it did when entered.

Be nice to the Police and security guards, they'll be more likely to take it easy on you if you are nice to them. Only run from them if you KNOW you can get away, and chances of that are often slim.

Be polite to other urban explorers, tunnel rats, and bums who might be encountered in drains or abandoned buildings. They have as much right to be there as anyone else, including yourself, and they might even know the place better than you and give you some tips... or spook the crap out of you. Most will be as startled by you as you are by them.

Going alone into these types of places is not a good idea. Wally does it all the time but someday he's not going to come back out, at least not alive, and he seems to be okay with that... but most people are not like him. Groups of two to four is best. More people will just attract more attention, less people will be less people to help fish someone out of a hole, or carry out wounded party members.

Be prepared for anything... take extra food and water, extra flashlights and batteries, and have a backup plan incase things start to go bad.

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