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Bangor Explorer's Guild: Urban Exploration Equipment

This is a list of things we have found useful for Urban Exploration, and things to consider when selecting equipment.

Waterproof flashlights are good. Maglights and other such metal cased flashlights are nice and bright, but heavy as well. Be carefull not to drop them in deep water becuase they sink like rocks. Mini-maglights (2 AA batteries) are nice as backup lights. When we first started exploring drains we liked the huge maglights like the Police use to beat people up with. The beam could be narrowed down to shine to the end of the longest tunnel sections we had been in (drain#11, 1st section of branch 1). It can be comforting to know what is aheah of you, but you will find out anyways if you just keep going. And one of those big lights is as heavy as a smaller light and several extras.

Those cheap plastic flashlights can be nice and they tend to come in bright colors. puting a red lense over a normal lense will still provide okay light, but make it much less noticable from far away. Wally uses a light like that in at least one picture taken in the Waterworks Building.

Head lamps are very nice. they leave both hands free, though you might sometimes need to duck a little lower and be a bit more careful when going through places in a hurry.

those glowing chemical light sticks can be nice for when you only need a small amount of light.

As much fun as it sounds, using light from a burning torch (newspaper dipped in wax and lighterfluid wrapped around a stick) is not recomended. It produces a lot of smoke and might catch things on fire, or go out when you need it the most. The part about going out when you need it most also goes for candles, though they do not smoke nearly as much, but also do not give much light.

Though it is a popular choice for people to wear while sneaking around in movies, black is not the best choice of color. Camo clothes of any sort are also not much good. If you are good enough to not be seen, then you do not need them; and if you are not good enough to be seen, you'll be noticed even if you are dressed like GI Joe. You'll look too much like you are trying not to be seen. why not black? there are not many things to blend into that are dark enough to blend into while wearing black, not even at night. for the warmer three seasons, dark green, dark brown, or dark red might work better.

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