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BUSS: EMMC Exhaust Vent

Hazard Level: ?

Main Tunnel Clearance: 3'?Tidal Coverage: NoKnown # of Tunnels: ??
Hazards: ?
Construction Materials: PVC, plastics, metal, ??
This tunnel is some sort of an exhaust outlet for Eastern Maine Medical Center's heating system. It is located high on the craggy hillside between EMMC and the railroad tracks that follow alongside the river. The opening of the tunnel is cement, and has the same look as most storm drains around the city. A metal grate is bolted over the tunnel opening, and a strong current of warm air flows from withen. The round tunnel is about three feet in diameter. Dried water stains on the bottom of the tunnel suggest that this might also be part of a waste water drain. We have heard that homeless people sometimes sleep next to the opening for the warmth of the air flowing out, but did not find anything the might have left behind. As of now, this tunnel remains unexplored by any in our group. The metal grating is a wonderful way of keeping people out; and with careful inspection, a way to know when people have been in.
PHOTO of the entrance.

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PHOTO, tried to take a picture looking through the metal grating and up the tunnel.