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Bangor Explorer's Guild: Replies to e-mails
We get a number of e-mails. Thankyou for all of them, but we only have time to respond to a few. For security purposes, we do not currently reply to e-mail. Responses can be found here. Some people in the past have sent us e-mail with information that we thought should be worked into areas of this website. We put the information up where it was needed, often in quotation marks and do not mention real names. Others have sent us information and leads that we will not be publishing until we have documented them ourselves, or at least have an idea of what they really are. If you have information, pictures of places, or things that you think might be good for this site, send them our way and we will take a look at them.
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"Eddy" and company, it's always nice to hear about other explorers in the area. we read through some of the site; yeah, it may seem a ripoff of BEG, but any website about this type of stuff in the same localized area will be similar to that are about that same area. we do find it interesting to look at other people's take on the subject, read their stories, look at their pictures of the same places - because they tend to be different from our own content, and because we have not had much time lately to get out and explore places.

We, the non-official, non-existent, loosely-non-organized "club" did not have any direct involvement with the rave in that old factory in Orono... Closest we can claim to such is that we mentioned the building on this site, and Wally's account of how he got there one cold spring night sounds very similar to how those involved with the rave also arrived there. so now, why would someone writes for newspapers be interested in our little group? Are you interested in us for personal or professional reasons?

The link is now active.
if you have anything you want to send us, pictures or information about stuff in central Maine (or anywhere else in Maine) that you think would be good to see on this site, you can email it to us. We do not always have internet access, so it might be a while before we can post it.. but yes, please send us stuff if you think we could use it.

We have done a few rooftops around Bangor. At this time, we are not giving out information on what ones. We have explored two in our downtown area, and the rooftops of two public schools. We are considering adding a section on exploring the outsides of buildings: Rooftops, fire escapes, and urban climbing.

no, we are not likely to be interested in meeting with you for any reason. if we are, one of our underground agents will make contact in person in a public area.

The telescope was downtown in the alley between Main st. and Columbia st, in one of the doors on the side that the parkinglot is not on. it was in a small room inside one of the doors that are in the alley. it was set up to look through a small hole in the wall into another section of the same building. It looked as though a homeless person had been living there in the room with the telescope. This was at least five years ago. very strange, but true.

many interstate and other large bridges will have rooms inside them, but I do not know of any others in the Bangor area. take a look at some bridges in larger cities. there is a lot of space between the road surface and the bottom of the bridge. they are often hollow, with tradoors on the underside, or entrance through a manhole on road.

mr. skexis, we heard about some old cisterns collapsing years ago, somewhere under downtown. One was under the street that comes out in front of the church on Columbia st, the other may have been under State st hill. A few other interesting notes we've heard is that there is a large abandoned ball room or dining room under the building that used to be Laverdiers in downtown; There was (or still is) a tunnel from the old freezes building (now the Maine discovery museum)fallout shelter to the old city hall building (which is now a two story parking lot behind the thai food place (once the bagel shop(which also has a fallout shelter sign))on the corner of Hammond and Main). We would welcome anymore information on things under downtown.

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