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BEG: The Old Drive-In
Hazard Level: 2Main Tunnel Clearance:N/ATidal Coverage: NoKnown # of Tunnels: 1 small underground room
Hazards: Possible expossure to individuals of questionable intent
Construction Materials: wood, metals, pavement, concrete, trees & landscape
We're not sure when this place was abandoned. All the drive-in movie theaters around Bangor and Brewer seemed to all close down in the early to mid-80's. The only things left that are of any real interest is one of the restroom/snackbar/projector buildings that is still standing, a cement slab with a metal trapdoor that leads down to a small room filled with pipes and valves, and the two large screens that are still standing.

The paved road still leads into the area, with a hedge of trees separating the driveway from the parking lot. The parking lot is overgrown with tall grass and all of the posts lay in a pile in one corner. There are other piles of dirt and debris around, and the cement slab foundation of one of the two consession/restroom/projector buildings was found to be missing it's building, likely pushed into one of the aforementioned piles of junk... leaving only a few floor tiles on the slab where it once sat.

There building that is still standing has five possible openings. There are two on each side, and a window for the projector on the front of the building. Towards the front of the sides are where the restrooms were, one on each side. The men's room was open. Everything inside had been smashed into tiny pieces, except for the two stalls and walls. The urinals were gone, and toilets smashed into broken piles. The one other doorway in this restroom took us into a room of about the same size as the restroom, but nothing very interesting in there. Back outside, The two other entrances on the sides must have been the place to buy snacks or whatever. Both entrances were boarded up rather securely, as was the woman's restroom.

Photo of the road going in. Photo of the concrete thing with trapdoor. Photo, closeup of trapdoor.
Photo of the small underground room. Photo of the screens & top of the building, men's restroom is under the small white pipe on the roof. Photo, entrance to men's room .
Photo, looking through men's room . Photo of a smashed toilet. Photo of the other open room.
Photo, another of the building. Photo of the cement slab where the other building was.
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