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BEG & BUSS: Disclaimer nice big letters so you all can read it...

Information provided on this website is for educational and entertainment use only. While the Bangor Explorer's Guild and it's subgroups embrace all manners of adventure, we strongly advise against vandalism, tagging, theft, and the breaking of any other similar laws. We recommend safe conduct that is respectful of other people and enviorments. CONSTABULARY: Whatever "crimes" are commited by urban explorers during our outings are of the victimless sort, go arrest the real criminals... like rapists, murderers, and loggers of old growth forests. If you can't find any of those at the time, look harder... there's plenty of them out there so don't waste time on us. We likely have as much, or more, respect for the enviorments that we go into than do the people who own or maintain them. OTHERS: If you go into any places like the ones mentioned in this site, just remember that it was you whom chose to do so. If you get hurt while in such places, remember, it was you that chose to go in and it was your actions that led to getting yourself hurt or someone else hurt/maimed/dead; so don't try to sue us (we don't really exist anyways), those you went with, or the owners of the property.

In short, We take no responisibility whatsoever as to actions taken in relation to this website, nor do we take responsibility for it's accuracy.

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