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Bangor Urban Exploration Society: Contact Info

If for any reason you should wish to contact us, here is what you must do: Write your questions, comments, criticisms, or whatever on three by five inch note cards. Place them in a cigar box with a picture of your favorite pet (or picture of your lawn gnome if you have no pets) and bury the box in your backyard. One of our Underground Agents will provide the means of contact shortly.

Our underground Agents have been very busy of late. They have been sent out with the primary mission of gathering new leads for further explorations. Regretably, they have been unable to make contact with all who'm have followed the above instructions for contacting us. If you have tried the above method and waited at least five days without finding a packet of communication capsules under your doorstep, do not fret. You may be able to buy the communications capsules at some stores which sell childrens party toys. Look for the small colored capsule-pills with the folded up sponge animals inside. Take four red capsules. In ten minutes, take two more. You will now be able to contact us via email through the following address:

Remove the SPAMBLOCK, being carefull to avoid contact with any jelly-like substance.

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