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BUSS: Gallery Tunnel

Hazard Level: 1

Main Tunnel Clearance: 8'?Tidal Coverage: NoKnown # of Tunnels: 1
Hazards: Encounters
Construction Materials: Cement
This tunnel is often used by pedestrians as a short cut between the Campus of Eastern Maine Technical College and the Bangor Mall area. It is a strait tunnel running under I95, about a hundred yards in length, with a three foot wide walkway along one wall. Close to the middle section of the tunnel the roof opens up for a short distance between the lanes of the interstate. A small set of granite stairs lead out of the tunnel at the mall end.
The water running through the tunnel comes from a stream originating somewhere in a marsh on the other side of Stillwater Ave, and a little runoff from the Borders Drain which empties into the same stream. Several small animals; such as fish, turtle, leaches, beaver, and muskrat; have been seen swimming in the Gallery Tunnel and fresh water plants grow in the areas with enough light.
Gallery gets its name from the large amount of graffiti that covers its walls, purhaps the most spraypainted place in Bangor. Some of its just stupid tagging... some is more elaborate and artistic tagging done with large and colorful letters... but some of it is really good artwork done by some talented artist who remains unknown to us. Several years ago much of the art was lost when They whitewashed the EMTC end of the tunnel. A lot of the good artwork on the walkway-side of the tunnel has been slightly tagged over and messed up but some of it has been left alone. The best preserved works are on the other side of the tunnel where the artist must have stood in nearly waist deep water while painting.
The Gallery is fairly easy to find and its use by pedestrians seems to be tolerated by the constabulary. The entrance on the EMTC side can be found near an electrical station on the Sylvan Rd (off Hogan Rd). The entrance on the Bangor Mall side of the interstate is a little less obvious but still fairly easy to find. Just go to the back of the Staple's parking lot and look for the stream that runs between Staples and Toys'R'Us... The gaping hole where it runs under the interstate is where the opening can be found from the mall side. In the back of the Staple's parking lot is a small foot path leading down the hill, across a small bridge made from a couple granite slabs, and to the Gallery Tunnel's mall side entrance.
UPDATE: For several months a beaver's dam, built in the Sylvan Rd culvert, was flooding the Gallery tunnel with up to three feet of water. Bangor city workers removed the dam, and maybe the beaver as well, on November 6th, 2000. The lower half of much of the gallery's art has been washed away or become extremely faded.
Photo of the EMTC/Sylvan Rd side entrance.

Photo of looking down the length of the tunnel from the EMTC/Sylvan Rd side of the tunnel. The now submerged walkway can be seen on the left in the photo.

Photo of the Bangor Mall side entrance.

Photos of some of the artwork in the Gallery Tunnel.

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