BUSS: Border's Drain

Hazard Level: 3

Main Tunnel Clearance: 4'?Tidal Coverage: NoKnown # of Tunnels: 2
Hazards: Head Injury; Falling; Slippery Surfaces
Construction Materials: Cement, Corregated Steel Pipe
The Border's Drain is located behind Border's Books and Music Store in Bangor. The entrance is easy to spot from the Bangor Mall Boulevard , in the area between the small bridge/culvert type deal and the back side of Border's.

Little is known to BUSS about how far in this drain goes. A certain drain feature has kept us from exploring too far in.

The drain starts off with a short section round cement pipe. This leads to a small round junction room with a four and a half foot corregated steel pipe leading off the the left at about 45 degrees and another small two and a half foot corregated steel pipe heading in another direction.

The larger of the steel pipes, the one on the left, runs for about thirty yards and ends in a squarish room with the tunnel continuing on the opposite wall, but about eight feet higher, with a waterfall. What lies further up the drain is unknown to us but our agents suspect that the tunnel provides drainage to much of the Bangor Mall and its parking lot.

PHOTO taken in one of the larger corregated steel pipes during the winter. The top half of the pipe is painted with tar. A foot print at the bottom of the pic shows the relative size of the pipe.

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PHOTO, looking into the waterfall room from the tunnel. The winter ice formations in places like this can be really incredible.
PHOTO, trying to look up at the pipe that the waterfall comes from but could not get a very good angle with the camara.